Food Gifting

So here it is, Christmas Eve. Hopefully by now you’ve finished all of your goodie baking and gift buying, although, let’s face it, most of us still have quite a few last minute things to do. If you’re like me (which you probably are if you’re reading this), you’ve baked way more goodies than you know what to do with, and you have more people you’d like to give gifts to than you can afford. So for years, I’ve made a tradition of food gifting. Best of all: I get the joy of baking and gift giving without having to break the bank. This year I didn’t have the time or resources to get fancy with my food gifting, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t inspired. So for those of you looking to do some food gifting this evening or tomorrow, here are some resources that have inspired my food gifting in the past, and some new things I look forward to trying next year!

Cupcake Gifting

Cupcakes1. Scrapbooking supplies and cellophane make for beautiful cupcake wrapping (image from Taste of Home)
2. Disposable muffin trays make cupcake gifting easy (image from Scrapbooks etc.)
3. Make multi-layered cupcakes in a jar that are not only visually appealing, but easy to pack (image from The Kitchn)
4. Generally speaking, it’s hard to go wrong with simple, transparent packaging (image from Dress My Cupcake)
5. With just a few craft store items, you can make an impressive cupcake bouquet (image from Culinary Couture)
6. A simple box with a few embellishments makes for an attractive yet easy packaging option (image from Everyday Occasions)

Cookie Gifting

Cookies1. Simple bowls with festive paper and ribbon make for an elegant gift (image from Martha Stewart)
2. Cupcake liners and cellophane add a cute touch, while the initial and recipe personalize it (image from Country Living)
3. Why do all the baking when you can give the gift of fresh baked cookies anytime they’re wanted? (image from Garnish)
4. An understated box leaves a lot of room for creativity (image from Garnish)
5. Clear bags let the cookie be the thing to standout rather than the packaging (image from Nico and Lala)
6. A glass cookie jar complete with a label is the perfect way to gift cookies (image from Celebrations)

Truffle Gifting

1. Simple, clean boxes with festive tissue paper are always a solid truffle giving idea(image from Martha Stewart)
2. A hat box, or shallow round box can make a great truffle box (image from Go Make Me)
3. Make your own truffle boxes with colorful cardstock, and finish with cellophane (image from Alkaline Sisters)
4. Kitchenware tins like cake molds and tart pans make for unique truffle containers (image from Martha Stewart)
5. Clear boxes let the what’s inside be the star of the gift (image from Martha Stewart)
6. Individual wrapping makes every truffle a surprise (image from Such Pretty Things)

Happy baking and happy holidays!

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