Rainbow Oreo Pops


As I was checking my calendar the other day I noticed that St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching. I pointed this out to my husband and suggested it might be fun to have a St. Patrick’s Day party. His response? “But you’re not Irish…” I was struck, as I’d never really thought of it that way before. Growing up in a cultural melting pot like the US where a wide range of holidays and traditions have been brought over and Americanized by incoming immigrants, I forget that not all cultures celebrate other cultures holidays. Sure, we don’t celebrate ALL holidays from other cultures in the US, but there are sure a lot that we do celebrate, and that’s not necessarily true of the rest of the world. And far be it from me to let something like cultural differences interfere with some holiday inspired baking! They may not be the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but these St. Patty’s day rainbow pops are nonetheless delicious!

Rainbow Oreo Pops
Yields up to 15 Oreo pops


For the oreo pops:
15 oreos (preferably double stuffed)
15 lollipop sticks
3 bars white chocolate
A few drops blue food gel

For the icing:
1 lb. (450 grams) powdered sugar
4 tbsp. meringue powder or dried egg white powder
1/2 cup water
A few drops of food gel to tint the icing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

Start by twisting the oreos in half and making an indent where each stick will be placed. The reason this recipe yields “up to 15 oreo pops” is because if you buy a package of 15 oreos, you may end up with fewer pops depending on how many you break in the twisting process. I think I ended up breaking three so I only had a grand total of 12. Of course if you have more oreos, there’s enough of the chocolate and icing to make up to 15 total. Once the oreos are halved and the indents are made, melt three pieces of white chocolate from one of your bars. Dip each stick in the white chocolate and set it in the indent, returning the other half of each oreo on top. If you’re using regular oreos (not the double stuffed) it helps to smear a little white chocolate over the oreo filling to help the cookies stick back together. For a great step-by-step tutorial on this process, check out easy baked. Set the pops aside to let the chocolate harden (about 15 minutes). In a small bowl, melt the remaining bars of white chocolate. Add a few drops of blue food gel to the white chocolate to create a light blue backdrop for the rainbows. If the food gel causes the chocolate to begin clumping, add a little vegetable oil to thin it back out. Dip each oreo pop in the blue chocolate, twisting to coat both sides, and set aside to dry on wax/parchment paper.



While the chocolate hardens, you can go ahead and whip up the royal icing. In a large, clean bowl, whip the water and egg white/meringue powder until the powder is dissolved and the mixture becomes frothy. Add the powdered sugar and whip on high until stiff peaks form (about 5-8 minutes). Be careful not to over-beat as this can cause the icing to become too brittle as it dries and fall off. Once the icing is ready, spoon a tablespoon into 6 small bowls and color with the food gel to make the colors for your rainbow. Be sure to mix the coloring in with a spoon as any more beating could cause the royal icing to be over-beat.



Since I was going to use so many different colors, I used plastic bags for my piping. To do this, spoon each color (plus one tablespoon of white frosting for the clouds) into the corner of a plastic bag and snip a small amount off the tip. Starting with the red, pipe an arch on each oreo pop and fill in with each subsequent color of the rainbow. I found it easiest to work sideways by turning the pops so the stick was to the right, and piping a large “C” shape. This was particularly helpful when filling in with the rest of the colors. Once the rainbows are complete, pipe a small amount of white over each end. Be sure to let the pops dry all the way before packaging.




Happy baking!

Royal icing recipe from Bake at 350

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Oreo Pops

    • Thanks! And no problem! Your tutorial was super helpful and perfect for this post! Couldn’t help but share it. 😀

  1. Oreo pops are such a fun idea for any occasion, but I especially love the rainbows! Great job and great pictures!

    • Thank you! I actually ran across the idea as I was looking for an alternatives to cake pops, and boy are oreo pops even easier! Leaves all the fun up to the decorations. 🙂

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