The Simple, Sweet Life is Moving!

The Simple, Sweet Life has been growing, and with that comes the need for more space, more room for customization…  Which means the time has come for the Simple, Sweet Life to move to it’s own site. That’s right folks, we’re moving to self-hosting in all it’s terrifying glory (seriously, you don’t even want to know how many hours I spent working on the new site yesterday)! For all of you who have subscribed via email and follow the blog via the button, you should continue to get updates just as you have before. But if you want to make sure you stay up to date on all the latest posts and recipes, you can head on over and like the Simple, Sweet Life Facebook page. In the meantime, check out the Simple, Sweet Life at its new home:


Let’s Be Friends!

For all of you that may not pay meticulous attention to my side menu (because I’m sure that’s what everyone’s looking at on a food blog… the side bar), I’ve added a few new additions. That’s right, Bloglovin, Facebook, and Pinterest! Wow, so this is what the 21st century feels like… But I kid, I kid. I’m loving blogging, but part of what got me into it in the first place was the community, and I just don’t feel like I’ve gotten to know you, the reader, very well. So that being said…


The Only Constant is Change

Someone once said that the only constant in life is change. And as much as I’m a proud creature of habit (seriously, I have far too many places I can go and get the “usual”), even I have to admit that occasionally a change is in order. First, I got tired of the general appearance of my blog and the general lack of a side menu on the old theme. There’s just something nice about a good side bar menu (you know, something that doesn’t require you to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the menus), but that may just be my inner geek speaking. And then as I was flipping through almost a year worth of recipes, I realized calling this blog my “cupcakery” was no longer really fitting. I set out with the intent of keeping an online journal of sorts about my cupcake making for my close friends and family, but over time the blog has expanded, and although it continues to be about sweet, sugary baked goods, I can’t really classify it as cupcake-oriented anymore. But not to fear, although I may have slapped a fancy new theme and name/web address on this blog, I think you’ll find everything else exactly as you remember it. 🙂

Happy baking!

A Norwegian Adventure!

So I realize it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and I just wanted to say I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. Instead, I’ve been gallivanting all over Norway with one of my best friends! My oldest friend and sister (from another mother, so to speak) came to visit me for a week so I’ve been playing host and tourist guide. And consequently the blog has gotten a little forgotten in the excitement of it all. Even though I treat this blog as a cooking blog, I thought I would share some of the fun (and photos) from our Norwegian adventure. For those of you that one day want to visit Norway, this is a little taste of what you can expect, and for those of you that don’t plan on coming to Norway, well, now you can say you’ve vicariously visited it through us. 🙂

???????????????????????????????Beautiful Odda where I live

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